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Creating a Stylish Bathroom on a Budget

Need inspiration? Check out this bathroom design board I put together for the magazine last year!

Creating a Stylish Bathroom on a Budget. Turn your bathroom into a stylish and affordable sanctuary with these simple changes.

SERENITY NOW When imagining the ideal spa, one can’t help but think of the soothing music that so often sets the mood. For the ultimate Pavlovian response, install wireless or Bluetooth speakers in discrete areas of your bathroom to make sure that gentle instrumental tones are always available to enhance your experience.

FLUFF IS THE WORD As tactile creatures, we tend to associate soft, fluffy textures with the pinnacle of high-end indulgence. Splurging on soft, white bath sheets is the first step towards the spa zone. Add a luxurious bath mat, fluffy hand and face towels and you’re on your way to treating your body like royalty. To amp up the comfort level, installing a towel warmer will maximize the enjoyment you receive from all of your new plush accessories. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a cozy bathrobe to take the spa into your bedroom and beyond.

LIT FROM WITHIN To truly capture the spa-like ambiance, ensure that your lighting scheme includes various sources and levels of brightness. Layers of lighting create a soft, flattering look and aids in the relaxation promoted in the spa environment. Dimmers will be your best friend in achieving that soothing glow that leads all the way towards an evening soak. Don’t neglect heavenly scented candles to complete the effect.

COLOR ME CALM Sticking to the right color palette will transform your bathroom into a space that inspires tranquility. A neutral color scheme of creamy grays, soft whites or pale blues will calm your nerves and reduce the stresses of the day. Complement the gentle tones with elements from nature like a leafy plant, a shell soap dish, or a wooden tray to further relax the senses.

Creating a Stylish Bathroom on a Budget you have to GO CLEAN The latest trend in the blogosphere is to go through all of your makeup and toiletries to remove anything unhealthy for you or the environment. By ensuring that you only keep the products that are good for you, two goals will have been accomplished. A healthier skincare and makeup regime and a pared-down number of items to clutter up your new spa space is ideal. Once only the necessities remain, choose attractive straw or clear acrylic containers to store things in the most pleasing way possible.

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