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Trend Watch 2014: Evelyn Eshun’s Favourites

T’is the end of the year…another opportunity to ‘start over’ , ‘begin again’, and ‘get it right this time’….and another opportunity for New Inspiration for new ‘Trends’…seems like the time comes faster each year…so here are my new Trend ‘Likes’ for 2014.

Here are a few of my favourite Trends and Products for the coming year.

#1: Crystal

image 1 light fixture

Source: Restoration Hardware

I am nuts about the addition of crystal to any space, good thing because the Crystal Trend is not going anywhere anytime soon…the quality of light which is created is so hard to explain…once bestowed on One’s eyes, One will understand. The 1920’s style glamorous light fixture, born in Paris, with straight and chunky crystals arranged in concentric rings is perfect for any space.

#2. Petrified Wood

image 2 european white oak

Petrified wood is a growing trend…I like this idea because it is inline with the growing awareness of the need to go ‘green’. European white petrified oak has a gorgeous creamy, soft and timeworn look. I’m dreaming of a huge dining table in this material…or floors throughout my home!

crate and barrel image 2a

Source: Crate and Barrel

#3. Nomad Chic

Image 3 Nomad chic from kravet

Nomad Chic is sophisticated, earthy, familiar and comfortable. I love the geometric shapes and slightly muted colours. A set of pillows, an ottoman or a kilim rug can bring this Trend into your home with ease.

#4. Vintage Maps and Geographical Elements

image 4 restoration hardware vintage map

Source: Restoration Hardware

Vintage Maps and Geographical elements are a big trend in accessories…. You can add a sepia printed map of your favourite city over your office desk for daydreaming breaks. I love it when the map is broken up into four or 6 equal pieces and framed individually. The trend of looking back and recognizing the past is a good trend in order to appreciate where we came from.

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  • You first idea about crystals is very good! I’ve read that crystals can give out energy, altering the energy of a room for beneficial purposes! Crystal lamps add a touch of beauty and give any room a distinct style. They can be used to transform rooms, hallways, bedrooms and many other places in the house. Many people have used them to add that sophisticated, elegant and classic look to a household. My parents have a crystal lamp in their house, it really ads charm! You say that a set of pillows, an ottoman or a kilim rug can bring this trend into your home with ease, I totally agree with you as I have lots of pillows with geometric shapes and slightly muted colors. They are like bright accents in the rooms! Thanks for the article!