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Update Your Cottage In A Weekend

Maintaining your cottage is as important as maintaining your year-round property; keep reading to find out how to update your cottage in a weekend.

On the blog, we talk a lot about cottage living and how readers can make the most out of their summer (or year-round) properties. In keeping with that theme, we’ve rounded up five (more) quick, effective, and creative ways to update and upgrade your home away from home. 

  1. Elevate Your Laundry Room
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Of all the rooms in the home, the laundry room tends to get the least attention. This certainly rings true when talking about home renovation. While there’s certainly a widespread demand for main floor laundry rooms, property owners tend to be apprehensive about uprooting the laundry systems they depend on, largely due to the cost and inconvenience of construction. Fortunately, the SANISWIFT drain-water pump from SANIFLO has made it possible to relocate a laundry room virtually anywhere, without the hassle of major construction. Relocation aside, if your cottage property doesn’t include a laundry room, the SANISWIFT system makes it simple to install one. 

To learn more about elevating your laundry room, visit the SANIFLO Blog or visit the SANIFLO website to shop the SANISWIFT and other above-floor plumbing solutions.

  1. Paint Ceiling Beams

A common hallmark of older cottages is the presence of low-hanging ceiling beams. As far as aesthetics go, exposed beams are rustic and full of character, but if your cottage is on the small side, low-hanging beams can end up encroaching on visual space. Beyond that, if the beams are not well maintained, they can become something of an eyesore. To bring your beams up to date, consider painting them a lighter color. This should lend the illusion of a higher ceiling and a more spacious interior. TIP This trick works especially well if you paint the beams the same color as the ceiling.

  1. Stain Your Grout

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to breathe new life into your tiles, look no further than the grout your tiles are set on. Light tiles set on dark grout are very trend-on at the moment, and even if you’re not in the market for a complete tile overhaul, you can simply opt for a grout stain. TIP Look out for a grout stain that doubles as a sealant so that you can skip the final step of sealing the grout.

  1. Consider A Fire Feature

Cottages and fire fixtures go hand-in-hand, but traditional indoor and outdoor models are tough to maintain and can pose an imminent safety hazard. Alternatively, a wood-burning stove serves the same purposes as a fire pit and installing one is as simple as installing a singular smoke duct through the apex of your roof. TIP For the safest wood stove experience, opt for a catalytic combustor, which will increase your stove’s efficiency, reduce air pollution, and facilitate a longer burn time.

Restore Wood Flooring

Finally, you can update your cottage in a weekend by improving the exisiting flooring. With older properties, flooring is often the first thing to show wear and tear. If you’re dealing with real wood, the cost may deter you from replacing your floors completely, which leaves you with the option to restore. As long as the wear and tear to your floors are only surface level, restoration is possible (and DIY-able). For best results, buff your floors first, sand until smooth, and then apply a fresh coat of paint. TIP Chances are, you’ll need a few coats of paint to achieve desired results, so if you’re hoping to restore your floors in a weekend, opt for a water-based polyurethane, which can be recoated in as little as three hours.

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