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Condo Decor Trends

Condo decor trends change as frequently as fashion trends. So, if you are looking to improve the ambiance of your condo, then you may want to learn what’s new in the industry and how you can make your home more appealing and in line with the trends.

The following are the top condo décor trends of 2020 that you can check out:

1. Natural Elements in your Condo

There are many benefits of having greenery in your home and it’s a well-known fact that indoor plants make you feel better. Perhaps that’s why natural elements are becoming popular as a new home décor trend. For instance, you can place some indoor plants in your living room and dining room. You can also try to replace some of the existing décor items with those based on materials like copper, granite, stone, and granite.

2. Mixed Metal Accents

No matter what kind of theme you have picked for your condo, it’s likely that you are using metal-based items including furniture, decorative items, fixtures, etc. However, if you want to create a unique effect, then you should pick pieces of different metals viz. brass, steel, copper, etc. You can also mix brown and black metals as you see fit. Just make sure that you check your condo ho6 insurance policy before you make any major changes.

3. Canopy Beds

The last time canopy beds were in style, it was the 80s. However, they are coming back in vogue lately mainly because of the fact that hotel-inspired bedrooms are becoming common in new condos that seek comfort and peace.

If you want to give your bedroom a makeover, then you can focus on minimalistic canopy beds that can be easily fit in a standard bedroom. They are easy on the eyes and don’t look intimidating or daunting.

4. Bold Art

Condo decor trends are that everyone has their own personal style. Even if you don’t have one, you can easily find a bedroom and over-the-bed wall décor ideas. However, what’s the going trend is bold art.

While most people would stick to traditional art themes like love, landscape, country-side culture, etc. those who love to stay up to date with the latest condo décor trends are leaning towards bold colors and patterns.

5. Geometric Patterns

Another trend that’s emerging on the surface is the incorporation of geometric patterns in décor pieces wherever possible. Some good examples include floor and bathroom tiles, rugs and bedsheets, etc. The key is using bolder colors and large-size patterns.

6. Matte Finishes

Matte finish is loved in various products and there is no reason why shouldn’t use it for your condo’s décor. Compared to high-shine finishes, these finishes are easy on the eyes and also give the décor a chic appeal.

There are various ways you can incorporate matte finished in your home décor. However, a good approach would be to pick uncommon but complementary colors.

7. Jewel Tones

Rich jewel tones that have an edge have become quite popular this year. If you want to jump on the bandwagon as well, then you should try to focus on hunter, bold indigo, dark teal, and emerald green, all of which are traditionally found within the kitchen space only.

There you have it- some of the biggest home décor trends that can be seen in condos in the upcoming year. Sure, you may have your own personal style in home decoration. However, you can try the ideas shared above to create a unique effect.

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