New year, new you, new kitchen! Keep reading for four fixtures and features we recommend to give you the sleek, sophisticated, and ultra modern kitchen design you’ve always resolved to have.

The Boomerang Retractable Hand Spray by Riobel

In the past, Riobel has helped homeowners to shower smarter, improve their mornings, and customize their home décor. For your ultra modern kitchen design, this year, Riobel is proud to present a new collection of modern kitchen faucets, equipped with the ingenious Boomerang pull-down spray system. The Boomerang system encompasses a detachable sprayer, an integrated swivel joint, and a braided nylon hose. The agile design of the system makes for noiseless ease-of-use, and when the system is no longer needed, the sprayer can be retracted. The Boomerang pull-down spray system is currently available in four finishes: chrome, black or brushed gold, and stainless steel. To learn more about Boomerang and other kitchen and bath innovation, check out the Riobel website or visit any of the authorized Riobel showrooms in Canada and the United States.

A Solid Slab Backsplash

Display Kitchen: Domilya Group Showroom

As its name suggests, a solid slab backsplash is a backsplash that’s made of a continuous stone material. Because it’s free of tiling, seams, and grout, this look tends to err on the side of minimalistic. There are a lot of reasons to opt for a solid slab backsplash—including but not limited to visual impact and budget-friendliness. For ultimate seamlessness and simplicity, consider matching your solid slab backsplash to your countertops.

Large Format Tiling

When it comes to kitchen tiling, bigger can be better, cleaner, and more dramatic. By their very nature, large format tiles tend to cover more surface area per tile than traditional tile, which equates to less grout and less occasion for build-ups of dirt, mold, and mildew. Visually, large format tiles are trend-forward and can create the illusion of spaciousness. One thing to keep in mind is that large format tiling can be costlier to install than traditional tiling, but if you factor in the time you will save scouring grout, the trade-off could be well worth the investment.

A Waterfall Island

Photo Source: Lucvaa Kitchens

One way to lend elegance to your ultra modern kitchen design, without sacrificing visual cohesion, is with a waterfall kitchen island. Waterfall islands—characterized by having one continuous material, which flows from the island to the countertops—have risen in trendiness over the past couple of years because of the sleek and modern look they ensue. They’re also ideal for concealing appliances, bar stools, and other furnishings, and minimizing visual clutter.

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