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Orange on the Horizon at IDS2012

Sit back and relax in SUNG this Summer!

Absolutely LOVED this vignette at the Interior Design Show this past weekend in Toronto!

It was so fresh and clean..just took me away to a tropical destination.

What I liked about this citrus infusion of colour was you felt refreshed just looking at it…..another testament on how colour can influence our senses in every way…..

I would recommend everyone go out and buy something orange!!!!

This way you will have one of the New colours for 2012 under your belt.


Note the glass vessel with water and palm frauns..great idea for a backyard party or summer event…

The cube seating was noted as well….easy to move around, lightweight and FUN …just a great display by SUNG at IDS2012.

Orange you happy I noticed this and shared it with you!!!!! HS



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