Two Canadian designers share small space design tips and some of their favorite small space furniture pieces.

Small Space Design

Slim Profile Furniture It creates an open and airy feel and makes small spaces feel spacious. The great feature of Beetley Sofa by Sé Collections is the slim arms that maximize the seating capacity.

Small Space Design

Smart Storage Solution Many people who live in a small space always have a challenge with storage solutions. The Shale Credenza has a beautiful sculptural pattern on the door which adds some interest but also helps declutter your space.

Multi-Functional Furniture Nera Stool by Zanat is one of the great examples of multi-functional furniture. This beautiful sculptural stool can not only be used as seating but also as a side table. It’s a very smart design for small space!

Small space design furniture selections from SwitzerCultCreative,, Selections and Tips by: Designer Yumi Murayama, Principal of YU+ME Design Studio.

Small Space Design

Unexpected WOW Factor While it’s important to have a functional flow and balance of scale, the goal should be to make a space more beautiful. This stunning sofa by Damien Langlois-Meurinne is at the top of my list for cozy yet unexpected pieces to add a wow factor to a space.

Trendy Touches Add a few trendy pieces like these Time Piece side tables to give the space a modern feel.

Small Space Design

Personal Style A well planned small space design is one that tells your story before you’ve spoken a word because the very essence of who you are is woven into your design. I particularly love this Whorl Console by Neal Aronowitz for a unique touch.

Small space design furniture selections from SwitzerCultCreative,, Selections and Tips by: Designer Chrissy Cottrell, Principal of Chrissy & Co,

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