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Small Space Home Staging

Small Space Home Staging with home staging experts share tips for decorating a condo or small space.

Double Duty Furniture

Th e key to staging a condo is choosing multi-functional furniture. For example, a den could function as a guest bedroom with a stylish futon that doubles as a bed. Beyond the furniture choices, using a cohesive color palette is essential so that every space connects visually. In this space, we opted for a monochromatic color scheme with just a few pops of color throughout the space to add interest without overwhelming the small condo. – Heather Cook,

A Matter of Size

When Small Space Home Staging, choosing pieces for a condo, it is important to keep scale in mind. Smaller furniture pieces will allow the space to feel larger and more open. In this space, we used condo sized furniture and focused on pieces with legs to show more floor space and pieces with mirrored finishes to reflect more light around the space. Keeping accents to a minimum also allows the room to shine without looking too cluttered. – Amanda Sheilds,

Space Savers

When working with a condo, you need to be able to think outside the box to maximize the use of space. This condo did not offer enough space for both a living and dining area so we used a console table behind the condo sized sofa which doubles as both dining space and extra work surface for the kitchen. – Liliana McInerney,

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