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Inspirational Spaces
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Inspirational Spaces
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Debbie’s Dark & Boring Kitchen

Debbie’s Dream Kitchen: The kitchen in my home is not quite there. I purchased new appliances, floors and windows but … »


Julie’s Muddy Duddy Kitchen

Julie’s Dream Kitchen: My dream kitchen would be light, vibrant and modern. With 5 people in the house, we need … »


Roman’s Carnival Ride Kitchen

Roman’s Dream Kitchen: A maze of colour and textures that boggle the eyes of anyone who gazes upon my kitchen … »


Karen’s Overpainted Kitchen

Karen’s Dream Kitchen: How many times can kitchen cupboards be painted??? My house was built in 1986, not old by … »

DIY Watermelon Picnic Basket

10 Chic DIY Picnic Basket Ideas

Apple Basket Sleeve How cute is this picnic basket? The lining alone is adorable! Source ◄ Back Next ► Picture … »

Lovely Diy Patio Shade

DIY Summer Sunshades

Backyard Meditation Pavilion This has an aire of romance to it. Just imagine you and your SO lounging underneath it … »

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